Joel Hernandez works at NASA as an Engineering Technician where he fabricates, designs and operates computer numerical controls for aero and space components. Prior to earning a degree in Machine Technology, he worked as a Video News Editor at CBS. He has collaborated with Carlos Barron and San Francisco State’s Rainbow Theater as a Technical Director, assistant stage manager and costume designer for “Oh Pachamama!" and also as Technical Director and Artist for “The Serpent and the Four Seasons.” Hernandez double-majored in Ethic Studies and Broadcasting and Electronic Communications at San Francisco State University in 2013. He is a proud first-generation American with roots in Guatemala and Mexico.

He is also a NASA Ames Honor Award recipient for outstanding performance as an Engineering Technician in the Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Test Division; skilled leader and communicator; proficient in welding, metal fabrication, CNC operations, machining, additive technologies, graphic design and video production. Known for high quality work, integrity and professionalism.